Test & Verification

Please feel free to order tests and verifications!Yamato Sanko receives many orders for tests and verifications every month.We provide drying results for target items quickly and at low cost.If there are any items you are currently considering for drying processes, please feel free to contact us!

Test & Verification Flow

1. The customer orders a test or verification by telephone or via the online contact form. 2. Yamato Sanko checks the details of the order and then contacts the customer. 3. The customer sends a test sample to Yamato Sanko. 4. Yamato Sanko tests and verifies the test sample through processing such as drying. The test location is the laboratory in Fukushima. In general, the customer is present when testing is performed. 5. Yamato Sanko creates a report based on the test or verification, and sends the report to the customer together with the dried end product after the completion of the test.

Advantages of Test & Verification

1. The actual dried end product of the target item can be checked. 2. Details such as the optimum temperature and required time for drying the target object can be identified. 3. Yamato Sanko can propose the optimum dryer for the target item. 4. The customer can view the actual test model of the optimum dryer for the target item.