Support & Maintenance

We visit our customers wherever they are in the world.Yamato Sanko believes that providing our customers with support after product delivery is one of our most important duties.To ensure that the customers who are actually using our products can do so with peace of mind, we visit our customers at regular intervals to perform periodic maintenance.

Features of Yamato Sanko’s Support & Maintenance

1. Periodic maintenance. After product delivery, we visit our customers periodically to perform maintenance. 2. Extending service life even further. The long service life of Yamato Sanko’s products is one of our core selling points, but this service life can be extended even further by performing periodic maintenance. Some customers have been using our products for as long as 40 years.
 3. Flexible response to environmental changes. After products are delivered, sometimes they need to respond to various changes in the environment. Periodic maintenance allows us to observe such changes and respond quickly to them.

Maintenance and CO2 Reduction Projects

Yamato Sanko proactively participates in CO² reduction projects that address social issues such as global environmental problems. By providing the optimum maintenance engineering across diverse systems, we contribute to reducing CO² and creating a more prosperous society in the future.


Our products play a key role for improving quality, saving labor and saving energy in a wide range of industrial fields.

Images of Actual Maintenance

Images of Actual Maintenance