YAMATO SANKO | Taco Rotary Dryer for Garbage
Band Dryer
Fluidized Bed Band Dryer
Up-Down Dryer
Tunnel Dryer
Box Dryer
Multi Rotary Dryer
Vortex Dryer
Free Angle Dryer
Taco Rotary Dryer
Vortex Dryer and Incinerator
Rotary Dryer with Stirrer
Vortex Incinerator
Fluidized Bed Incinerator
Wedge Style Dryer
Drum Dryer
Vacuum Dryer
Dehumidification Dryer
Taco Rotary Garbage Dryer
Taco Rotary Garbage Dryer

Features :

  1. Low drying temperature → less fusion, sticking, inflammable
  2. No driving mechanics inside → less inside troubles like tangling
  3. High dry-efficiency → compact sized equipment
  4. Less dispersion → less uneven drying
  5. Better coping with alien mingles → less noise nor damage