Band Dryer - Continuously supplying dry materials, processed by the Inlet Feeder.
Fluidized Bed Band Dryers - Fluidized Bed Band Dryers provide hot air flow from the floor
Up-Down Dryer - Uses action of hot air from the tray surface, a unique and efficient dryer.
Tunnel Dryer - Various methods are available, air flow up and down, alternating, horizontal.
Box Type Dryer - Box type Dryer is suited to dry materials in large quantities.
Vortex Dryer - Drying room consists of a Jacket, equipped at the outer circumference.
Free Angle Dryer -Free angle dryer is conduction typed to
Taco Rotary Dryer - Inside of the rotating Cylinder (Shell), a fixed Main Pipe ...
Vortex Dryer and Incinerator - A dryer and incinerator system with high capacity for processing sludge and other waste.
Rotary Dryer with Stirrer - is a rotating Cylinder (Shell) built with Stirring Axis and Arms.
Vortex Incinerator - High performance devices, proven technology, used in various fields.
Fluidized Bed Incinerator - Material heated in a fluidized bed, to the burn unit and sludge in it.
Wedge Style Dryer-Wedge style dryer uses steam and hot water to go through its rotor and also its jacket to dry materials.
Drum Dryer - The direct way to dry the material solidifying liquid or sludge is thermally efficient.
Vacuum Dryer - A high efficiency dryer for solvent containing water and sludge.
Dehumidification Dryer - is the appropriate model to dry materials processed.
Taco Rotary Dryer for Garbage - Various problems with "waste", this is a best model.
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Welcome to Yamato Sanko MFG. CO., LTD.

Yamato Sanko is a leading manufacture of dryers and incinerators in Japan. Based on the newest technology, Yamato has been offering the industrial dryers, thermal systems, incinerators and related plants that meet the needs of respective times since 1915. These systems have been adopted making a variety of products, ranging from food to the latest industrial products. Some of them are also used as waste (sludge) treatment systems.

Adopted widely in many industrial fields, our systems are playing a part in improving the quality of our community life and environmental preservation.







2013/06/25  Setting up a booth at 「INCHEM TOKYO 2013」(in Japanese)

2013/06/18  Notification of transfer of head office

2013/01/24  Notification of Tomioka silk-reeling factory of our company's delivery destination
         (in Japanese)

2013/01/04  New Year's Greeting from President(in Japanese)

2012/01/05  New Year's Greeting from President(in Japanese)

2011/08/30  Setting up a booth at 「2011 China International Industry Fair」(in Japanese)

2011/07/29  Setting up a booth at 「INCHEM TOKYO 2011」(in Japanese)

2011/03/23  Tohoku Pacific Earthquake Announcement(in Japanese)

2011/02/01  The cooperation of manufacturing and developing enviromental equipments in Korea.
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2011/01/07  Setting up a booth at the IETF 2011 in India.(in Japanese)

2010/11/16  Setting up a booth at the Water Expo China 2010.(in Japanese)

2010/10/26  The cooperation of expanding and developing the sludge treatment market in China.
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2010/07/01  Setting up a booth at the 5th Green Industrial Expo.(in Japanese)

2010/02/03  The 2nd Vietnam International Nha Trang Beach Half Marathon 2010(in Japanese)